Sunday, May 1, 2011

We had some pictures taken this month now that Kendall is 1! We think they came out great. Kendall is starting to take a few steps here and there but not quite walking yet. We're sure she'll be up and running in a few more weeks.
The Happy Little Family!
Two angels on what Brendan called "his Thor rock"

Monday, March 14, 2011

We all took a trip to Austin to visit Meredith's friend Lacey and her family. Lacey has a little girl, Auri, who is the same age as Brendan. After a busy day of playing they both racked out on the floor together.
Brendan is taking a gymnastics class, and Kendall gets to play while Brendan is "Gymnastics School". She has a great time and as you can is pulling up to standing. Her hair has also gotten long enough to put into pig tails!
We took Brendan to the Fort Worth Zoo, which is a great Zoo. He was very excited to see all the "ammals". He had a great time and enjoyed making all his animal sounds to the different enclosures. He is also doing very well with Potty Training! Next month we'll have pictures from Kendall's big 1st Birthday Celebration. We can't believe our little Saint Patty's Day baby is already turning 1!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Here is Brendan getting ready for "re-school" in all his superhero gear to include his Daddy illustrated lunch bag. Eddie draws a different superhero on his lunch bag every week. Brendan knows almost every "guy" in the Marvel and DC comics I think.
Kendall and Meredith posing after finally getting Kendall's hair pulled in to a bow. Kendall does not like to get her hair did!
We saw this shirt and had to get if for Kendall. Scan finally show us that big smile now that she has her two front teeth!
Got this shot of Brendan on a rare warm day in Dallas in JANUARY a couple of days later we are trapped in the house because everything is frozen over and it's 15 degrees outside. Got to love that Texas weather
Kendall post bath-time in her Princess Towel. If we could only get her to love the changing table as much as she loves the bath.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January 2011

Happy New Year! We hope the kids get along this well all the time. We had a great Holiday Season and the kids really enjoyed their Christmas. Brendan was absolutely into Christmas this year. From the decorations on the our street, to the "Santa Claus Tree", and all of the "Songs," with his favorite being "Frosty". We had the kids take pictures with Santa as you can see.

About one second after this picture was taken Kendall broke out in into screams and tears, but they did a great job catching this photo before she broke down.

Brendan was more than happy to take a picture with Santa, which was great because he usually freaks out when he sees people dressed up like when he saw Dora and Snoopy.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December 2010

November brought Kendall's first Thanksgiving and our first fried turkey. Because the turkey only took 30 minutes we had Thanksgiving Dinner early. That allowed us to get the "Santa Claus Tree" up and decorated. Brendan helped me put the top on the tree. This year Brendan is a big fan of all things Christmas. "Sanna Claus", "Frossie the No-Man" and "Ru Doff" are his most favorite things right now. He is learning and singing many Christmas Carols.
Kendall is now standing up with assistance of anything in the house. Won't be long now before she is walking!
Brendan loves his "Santa Claus Tree". He can turn the lights on the tree all by himself. This photo in front of the tree took forever to get done, but we're glad we have it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

October 2010

October has brought the cooler weather and some new photos on the Commender's Blog. Brendan and Kendall are getting along so well lately and we caught Brendan & Kendall "Going Nigh-Nigh".

This year "Brendan America" went trick-or-treating as Captain America. He was a little nervous going up to the first house but as soon as he realized he was getting candy, he said "More houses, more houses, more houses, etc..."
Kendall looked very cute in her Halloween costume and was a real trooper going with us to all the houses.
Here are the pictures from Kendall's 6 month photo shoot. We got some great shots of them individually and together.

Monday, October 4, 2010

September 2010

Cooler temperatures are not the only thing moving in the Commender Household. Kendall is officially crawling!!! We thought life was busy before but with both kids moving, we have realized keeping up with them is a new level of busy. She also had her 1st tooth pop through, and her 2nd bottom front tooth should pop up any second now. Although her teething is uncomfortable she is still a very happy baby, and great sleeper!

Brendan has been staying busy with lots of activities. In the last month we have gone to the Dallas Aquarium, Curious George Live (picture below), and a petting zoo/pumpkin patch. Yesterday at the "Punkin Patch" he rode a pony. When we first approached " the horshey" he held on to Eddie for dear life, but within 10 seconds of being on the pony he was holding on to the saddle with one hand yelling "Yee-Haw"(not kidding).

We have been playing outside a lot and drawing with"schaulk" on the walkway in the front of the house. Next month we'll have Kendall's 6 month photos to post and Halloween costumes! Stay tuned.......